Strengthen your sustainability and leadership skills to improve your performance and results.

12 workshop series: each 1-hour workshop is followed by 30 minutes of networking and refreshments.

All proceeds from these workshops go towards The Hub on SX.

So why is Leadership in Sustainability important?

The major reason we decided to run these workshops is simple – to help local businesses, the local community and support clean-tech start-ups by providing education and activating a Sustainability Hub.

There is an urgent need in today’s world for a new type of leadership—one that makes long-term sustainability a top priority. Sustainable leaders are able to balance short-term and long-term priorities and are able to look beyond immediate, short-term gains.

By changing our mindset, thinking about the bigger picture and motivating those around us, we can work towards the development and implementation of sustainable practices.

Sustainable Leadership is not a simple endeavour, and so in these workshops, we aim to give you the tools to embrace change, influence and empower others and collaborate to achieve a sustainable course of action.

Let’s introduce our topics:


Safe versus Risky Problems. What choices do we make on a daily basis? Cause versus effect or below the line thinking, all those are my favourite success principles. To utilise those principles in your daily life, making decisions and choices based on those frameworks and thinking and behaviour by those proven techniques will help you to increase self-awareness, sense of self-assessment, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and live life in a state of ease and calm. Those principles are going to show you how to respond instead of react in your life and work environment.

When you understand this principle and learn how to use it on a daily basis then your thinking, behaviour and results shift so much that it will make others wonder what changed within you. By using this principle in your daily life and work, you will achieve heights in your work and life and inspire others to change their thinking. Your energy and joy will have an absolutely great influence on those around you.


We are going to use a few more principles for our success and great leadership. I have probably mentioned that the first step to become a great leader, great parent or partner is to increase self-awareness and emotional awareness. We are going to introduce the communication model from NLP and three principles from Syd Banks. Those are basic models for improving communication with ourselves, with others, listening skills, emotional mastery and self-confidence.

To understand how we communicate and how our internal filters influence how we feel and what impact we have on others. Do you want to increase your influence? Well, first you need to know yourself, know how others think and to understand others needs.

These principles will create a brighter present and future life for you and others.

CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP – Leadership principles and frameworks

We are going to learn a very important framework used by multimillion dollar companies for high-performance culture and great results.

We will go through thinking profiles and thinking assessments, strategic thinking models, critical alignment models, values based leadership and extreme ownership principles.

We are going to train our new muscles: resilience, forward thinking, personal sense of responsibility, accountability, efficiency, prioritisation, time management and problem solving.

We will identify what attribute we need to create a high-performance team and culture the most. We will focus on building the one or two major thinking and behavioural patterns at each workshop.

We will talk about examples and real-life situations to learn how would we solve the problem as a great leader.

About the presenter

Alex is the CEO and Leadership Performance Coach at The Mentoring Effect.

She identified two factors that influence the gap between high quality and low quality leadership. Practice of effective leadership skills along with fostering a strong workplace culture are major factors influencing individuals, teams and organisational performance and growth.

With more than 19 years of entrepreneurial experience she grew her own businesses in a range of different global markets; in Europe, Thailand, the Bahamas and now Australia. She has learned from the experience of leading teams in various countries and industries. She has led her own teams and the teams made by other organisations.

Her biggest learning curve came from leading 900 volunteers and multicultural teams of program directors in the tourism and event industry. Alex decided to study the behaviours that are necessary for success and high performance leadership. Now she is working with teams from various industries like building companies, accountant firms, engineers and marketing agencies.

Alexandra invested in educating herself by learning from masters of coaching, behaviour and neuroscience and digital marketing. Such as John Maxwell, Sharon Pearson, Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and Jordan Peterson. Success built over time for The Mentoring Effect, but her creativity, passion, hard work and determination to learn and grow her company continued to win over client after client.

She has decided to share her experience and knowledge with leaders and entrepreneurs and help them to unlock their full potential, perform and achieve their desired outcomes.

The Hub on SX operates on the traditional lands of the Whadjuk Noongar people, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.